The difference between Specialist Orthodontists and dentists

Have you ever wondered what makes a Specialist Orthodontist different from a dentist? Actually, Specialist Orthodontists are dentists too! They have undergone the same training as dentists, but have then gone on to multiple years of additional training to specialize in the straightening of the teeth and jaw. While a dentist will help keep your teeth clean and healthy, a Specialist Orthodontist will make sure your teeth are in perfect alignment.

Orthodontist vs Dentist

Becoming a Specialist Orthodontist

    To train successfully as a Specialist Orthodontist one must first start with a degree in dentistry followed by at least two years of vocational training and higher dental qualification. A further three years of combined study and supervised clinical work in a university hospital leads to a specialist qualification and a listing on the General Dental Council’s specialist register. Unless they have undergone this extensive training, a dentist cannot claim to “specialise” in Orthodontics.

Orthodontist vs Dentist

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