Child orthodontics

Early treatment is the best way to ensure your children grow up with beautiful smiles. Our treatments are designed specifically for children and adolescents to safely correct their teeth and help boost their confidence.

Children Treatments

Get ahead of the curve

While orthodontics has a solution for everyone, there is often an optimal age that provides the best results with the least treatment time. If your child is showing signs of orthodontic issues, their first assessment can take place from the age of four upwards, with treatment often being arranged in children ages six and up. Seeing a Specialist Orthodontist between the ages of 6-10 can help prevent orthodontic issues before they even begin.

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Children Treatments

Invisalign® First

The life of a child is often full of activity, from sports to music and everything in between. Instead of being restricted by their treatment, Invisalign® First offers children a flexible orthodontic option using removable and virtually invisible trays called aligners. These Invisalign® Clear Aligners are specifically designed for your child’s growing mouth and jaw and can be used to treat children from ages 6-10. See how Invisalign® First can help prevent your child from needed major orthodontic treatment later in life.