Metal braces

The tried and true method of straightening teeth, metal braces have been used for decades to create perfect smiles for patients with all kinds of orthodontic issues. Simple, swift, and reliable, metal braces will have you flashing your beautiful new smile in no time.

Metal braces

Reliable, affordable, and strong

If you have hesitations about any of our treatment options, then metal braces will surely have you feeling confident with your results. Metal braces provide the strongest bracket available for your teeth and can be suitable for even the most complex cases.

Metal braces

Custom braces for a custom smile

Embrace your treatment and let your personality shine through with custom coloured metal brackets and archwires. We can show you the range of colours and styles available so you can choose the most aesthetically pleasing solution for your treatment.

Want a gold grill? Try our ‘3M Unitek Victory Series’ 24K gold plated brackets with gold archwires. Feeling extra colourful? Add elastic ties in every colour of the rainbow! The options are endless here at Infinity Smiles. Get started on your customisable treatment journey by booking your first appointment now.

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Ceramic braces